Today I have joined another knit-along (KAL): Sock-a Month Knitalong (SAM). MS3 is/was my first KAL. I have had so much fun with it, I have been hunting for more KALs that I might enjoy. Since I am a busy Mom of 3 (plus the 2 dogs, 1 cat, 4 rabbits, 2 beehives and a husband), my time away from the house is limited. I make time to knit every day, but do not have the time to leave my house for a knitting circle. I have found that MS3, with it's 6,000+ knitters worldwide, provides some of the comradery found in actual 'physical' knitting circles. And it certainly provides the motivation to keep moving along with a project.

So, with only 2 clues left in MS3, I've joined SAM. It's easy: finish a pair of socks a month from August through December. It dosen't matter when you started the socks, only that they are finished (both socks) within the given month. Since my WIPs (works-in-progress) include these

finishing a pair of socks a month will be a good thing for me to do! Think of all the needles I'll free up...

And when I finish those socks, I can allow myself to dig into:

If you're looking for a KAL, here's a good place to start:
And if you hear of any others, please share in the comments.

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