Misc Monday

For today's "Misc Monday" theme, I thought I'd discuss my favorite knitting time. Please keep in mind that as I type this, the 3 kids are not in school today, so an uninterrupted train of thought will not be possible for me.

I will knit any time I am awake enough and get a chance, but if I had to pick my favorite time, it would be first thing in the morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee and some nice music or an audio book. Everyone in the house would still be asleep (including the dogs) for at least another hour. I love knitting in the morning.

My favorite knitting spot is in a comfy chair with good lighting. The lighting becomes more and more important to my eyes with age.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but we will be moving in about a month. I cannot wait to set up my yarn studio in our new home. The room has excellent morning sun and great windows. I am really excited!

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