Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm a little late with this post. I fell out of the digital/electronic world while I was moving. I underestimated how consuming moving during the holidays would be. Wow. It was not easy, but we all survived and I am finally beginning to feel a little settled. I now live in Portland -- a great city!

A lot of my knitting projects were put aside during the past couple of months, but I'm back and ready to go!! One quick note: I did finish my Ravelry Mittens. I will post my details and comments tomorrow.

The projects I will be focusing on for the rest of this month:
1. Pair of socks (It is my goal to finish a pair a month this year--sadly, I missed Nov and Dec in 2007).
2. Finish the bottom body of my Faroe cardigan (remember this? It was supposed to be completed months ago...). I love knitting this pattern, there just hasn't been enough time.

I sat down today and listed all of the projects I wanted to complete in 2008. I will keep this list in my knitting room as inspiration and motivation. To keep it stress free, I will only share 2-3 projects at a time on the blog. And I will NOT start any new projects without completing or recycling an UFO.

Each new year I set 1 major knitting goal for myself. It usually involves learning a new technique. Last year it was to learn twined knitting and steeking. 2006 it was to become more competent in stranded knitting. 2008's knitting goal: to finish or rip out the misc projects from over the years. I'm not sure if I have 12 UFO's hanging around, but each month this year I will grab at least 1 old project and decide it's fate, until all of the old UFOs are gone. I know, it will not be an easy goal. Wish me luck!

What are your plans for the new year?!

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