Monthly Adventures

My "Holiday Swap" Ravelry group has turned out to be quite a lively bunch. In December we decided that holiday swapping was not enough, so we have morphed into "Monthly Adventures".

I was too busy with unpacking in January to join that swap, but I have jumped right back in for February. This month we are having a "Tops and Pots" swap: a hat/headband/head covering of some sort and a recipe. The "top" needs to made with red, pink and /or white yarn in honor of Valentine's day. It's a secret swap and I got my partner this weekend. Now that I have done some research on my partner, I have figured out what I am making. I am going to morph 2 patterns:
Slightly Loopy Hat and Brainmonster and make "The Sophisticated Brainmonster". Normally I would not make a "Monster" hat for a swap, but my partner said she wants one for herself...I hate that I am confined to certain colors. I will be traveling next week and I hope to finish the hat then.

It needs to complete by the end of the month so I can mail it out on time. Here I go...

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