Cape Ann Knitting Retreat

I had a lovely weekend at the Cape Ann Knitting Retreat hosted by Claudia/CountryWool. It was a fun group, the views were amazing, and I finished my reversible baby sweater! Here is a picture of each side:

Can you spot the differences? The most obvious are:
1. The shoulder seam (knit line on right, purl on left)
2. The neckband (rolled in on left and out on right)
3. The waistband (rolled out on left and in on right)

What a great idea for a sweater. This way, if you make a mess, just flip the sweater inside-out and you're clean again (well, you look clean anyway).

I had never knit with Peace Fleece before and I really liked it. I think I see a Peace Fleece outer-wear sweater in my size in my future! The knitted sweater softened so much with a hot soaking. Claudia showed us some of her tried and true Peace Fleece garments and they looked and felt great after years of good use.

So here are my project details:
Pattern: kids' Harris Tweed Reversible Stitch Raglan by CountryWool
Yarn: Peace Fleece Worsted; 1.5 ball
: Zarya Fog
: 4.5 st/inch before blocking; 4 st/inch after blocking
Needles: US 8/5 mm (I used 2 circ US4/3.5mm)
Comments: Fun and quick pattern to knit. I love that you can turn it inside-out and it still looks great!

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