Rattlesnake Creek Socks-SKP sock 3, WIP

Once the Olympics and Ravelympics start (early Friday morning here in Maine!), I will not have much time for the computer and will likely only be blogging about my Ravelympic projects. So to tie up some loose ends before then, I will share some WIPs and knitting misc over the next couple fo days.

Remember SKP (Sock Knitters Pentathalon)? Well, sock 3 was released on July 1 st and I am nowhere near finished. Here is my WIP:

And no, I have not completed the first sock yet. It is a fun and easy pattern; I just have not had the time. The pattern is "Rattlesnake Creek" and I am using Nova Sock colorway Peacock. These socks will be top priority after the Olympics.

The details for Sock 4 were released August 3. They will be stranded knit socks in 2 colors. If I wasn't so overwhelmed with all of the knitting I have in front of me for the next few weeks, I would be really excited about this!

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