Mystery Stole 4--Serendipity Stole

I realized yesterday that I talked about completing MS4 when I had never even talked about the fact that I am doing MS4! I briefly mentioned attempting to resist the temptation at one point, but we know I am weak. So I started MS4, designed by Georgina Bow, last month.

Here is my yarn and my beads. The color is named "Sea Mist"

I love the beads! I just finished clue 2 and I am working both halves at the same time. I know I am a bit behind (4 clues have been released), but I plan on getting caught up over the next week. The last clue will be released on October 10 and I have an event I would like to wear this to on October 13 (probably not possible, but I'm going to try!). Here is a picture of what I have knit so far, but I took the picture at night and you can't see the beads. You really can see them in natural light (but if I were to start over, I would use different beads with a little more contrast):

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it looks fantastic!!!
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