Kool Aid socks

Way back in July of last year, Monthly Adventures (or MA) on Ravelry hosted a Kool Aid Swap and Dye. I received the lovely yarn below dyed by Kerrie, aka Destiknit (who has a great podcast that you should check out).

I finally got the chance to make a pair of socks with this yarn. Sock 2 for SKP2009 used an entrelac pattern. So, I got to use this yummy yarn, try entrelac for the first time, and learned to knit backwards (because the constant turning for entrelac got tiring!). Here's the end result:

This site by Knitty Otter helped me with the entrelac. And this video by Knit Witch helped with the backwards knitting.

And the pattern details:
Pattern: "Noro Entrelac Socks" by Buttercupia ; entrelac, top down
Yarn: Special and unique Kool Aid dyed yarn from Kerrie/Destiknit
Needles: US#1/2.25mm

Comments: I did a couple of modifications in the entrelac cuff and found the pattern a bit vague. I used an "Eye of the Partridge" Heel, with the standard heel turn, gusset, and toe. The socks look better on than the picture captured and I am happy with the end result. I can see why entrelac becomes addicting for some people!

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