Summer knitting

I have been doing some knitting lately. Not nearly as much as I would like, but hopefully things will quiet down soon and I can settle into my summer knitting routine. During the kids' summer break, I focus on lace. I usually have a quiet 1-2 hours every morning before things get crazy around the house and it is a great time to sit and work on lace. This summer I hope to :

1. Finish my Hanami (60% complete):

2. Finish Serendipity Stole (MS4): long way to go on this one, only 15% one...

3. Finish Girasole (25%) complete:

That's a lot of lace. And I am not sure if there will be a Mystery Stole 5, but of course I will want to work on that as well. I will be REALLY happy if I can finish these 3 projects--wish me luck and speedy needles!


Kym said...

Your lace projects are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the Red lace stole! I wish my needles were as speedy as yours! Happy knitting!

Angela said...

The needles are never quick enough! Sometimes I need to remind myself that knitting is a form of relaxation...I wish I had Mrs. Weasley's magic needles.