Aeolian shawlette update and tips, part 2

Moving right along on my Aeolian. Here it is after completing the Yucca chart:

After the Yucca chart, I moved on to the Transition chart. Nothing tricky there. Now I am just finishing up the final 2 rows of the Final Agave chart. A couple of notes:

1. When knitting the shawlette you do not do the regular Agave chart; you move directly from the Transition chart to the Final Agave chart.

2. The first bead of the Final Agave chart row 1 should be directly above the first bead of Transition row 17. If it is not, something is wrong. Most likely you did not notice the bold double decreases (the SSSK and K3tog). The double decreases should frame the the nupps from Transition row 17. So the SSSK should use the 3 stitches to the right of the the first nupp, and the K3tog should use the 3 stitches after the second nupp.

I decided to work the nupps and not add a different bead there. I like how it is turning out. Once I finish these last couple of rows, I will try to post an updated picture. Also, there will be some notes about moving onto the Narrow Edge charts. Until then...

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