Sheepy Socks

I told you that I have been busy knitting this month!  Not only the 2 stockings, but also a pair of socks have been started:
Sheepy Socks by CountryWool
Aren't these so cute!  I love these socks and have been planning on knitting them for many years.  I was inspired to get started after a lovely weekend with their designer, Claudia of CountryWool.  The moon and stars must have aligned just right because I was finally able to get back to another of Claudia's Knitting Retreats this month.  In the past her knitting retreats have resulted in the lovely nordic sweater:

(Click here if you forgot the details of my favorite sweater)
And another of Claudia's wonderful designs, my Faroe Vine Cardigan:
(Click here for details on this lovely sweater)
So I managed to sneak away from this retreat with only a pair of socks on the needles.  Haa!  If you believe that, you do not know me very well.  I can't go into details about what I began on the retreat because I am blocking it from my mind so I can finish the kids Christmas stockings.  But here's a sneak peek until I can get back to it in December...

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