Kindle Monkey Sock

My first finished project of 2011!

After the holiday madness, I needed a quick and satisfying little project.  So I decided to knit a "sock" for my Kindle, even though it already has a cover.  I wanted the sock to keep the cover closed while I carry it in my bag.  So here is my kindle in and out of the sock:

This design is totally inspired by a project I saw on ravelry by Lindsey (Ravelry: lindseyl).  She used Cookie A's Monkey sock lace pattern, modified by knitting all of the purl stitches.  Here are my specific details:

Yarn:  hand-dyed, worsted weight,  left over; mohair wool blend
Needles:  US 5/3.75mm
The knitting:
1.  CO 68 sts and join in rnd (2 lace repeats for the front (32 sts) and back (32 sts) each, plus 2 purl sts on each side to add some depth to accommodate my cover)
2.  K 1 rnd
3.  Begin Monkey lace chart, except K all P sts; rep chart 5 times
4.  K 3 rnds
5.  Seed st 6 rnds
6.  BO front 32 sts purlwise, now working flat
7.  K 1 row
8.  P 1 row
9.  Begin flap decreases:
           All right side rows: Slip first st purlwise, K1, SSK, K to last 4 sts, K2tog, K2
           All wrong side rows:  Slip first st purlwise, P to end

10.  Continue until 2-3 sts remain (your preference), work a short I-cord for button closure. Seam bottom of bag closed and sew on button!

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