Misc Monday

It’s “Misc Monday” here at BuzzandFuzz: a day to tie up loose ends. Today’s loose end is my “Twined Sweetheart Mittens”. But first, an announcement…

I got a shipment of Fleece Artist “Blue Face Leicester Aran” in this morning (7 colorways)! I love this yarn. It’s a great all-around wool and my favorite wool for twined knitting (even though it is “S” twist and not “Z” twist). It is so soft and the colors are gorgeous. I can’t wait to work on some designs with this yarn. Click here to order some for yourself!

Done with the shameless advertising, now on to the knitting. I finished up these mittens last month:

I am really happy with how they came out. The picture doesn’t do a very good job of showing the detail, so I tried to hand draw a sketch (I know, I’m not an artist):

The Mora yarn takes on new life after soaking and blocking. I would imagine that these mittens will become even nicer with time and handling. I wrote the pattern for sizes woman’s small – men’s Xlarge. The XL men’s mittens used exactly 1 skein of Mora yarn. I have a few skeins of Mora available as kits with the pattern: click here.

And because it is “Misc Monday”, here is a random question: Are you a football fan? If so, College, Pro, or both? My answer: I am a huge Pro football fan. It’s what I look forward to in the fall. I love knitting on Sundays while watching the game.

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