Happy February

To keep myself on task, here are my February goals:

1. Socks: Firestarter with Nova Socks in Jester colorway.

2. New twined knitting KAL: Wrist warmers. Knit at least 1...

3. Project of the month (Ravelry KAL): 1 Small heart pillow for DH on Valentine's Day (using Feb sock yarn above).
Finished 2/4/08

4. Continue working on Faroe Cardigan: bottom MUST be done by end of February, including hem.

5. 2008 resolution: convert "Bird Foot" socks into wrist warmers (need to complete 1 by end of month and cast on 2nd).
Finished 2/18/08

Plan pattern and basket for HSS3 buddy.
2/15/08: Got my yarn, made my charts.

Start Thrummed Mobius by Fleece Artist; colorway: seastorm.
Finished 2/6/08

Hat for Monthly Adventures KAL (Ravelry): pick pattern, knit at least half.
Finished 2/27/08!

I will discuss the details (and show pretty pictures) of each of these projects over the next week. This post will be my start up page for the month of February to keep me motivated. It's a lot of knitting, but I'm ready!

Did you notice my new project tracker on the top right of the blog? Just one more reason I love Ravelry so much...The tracker is linked to my Ravelry projects, so when I update them on Ravelry, you will see it here. I made sure to start projects for each of my February tasks, mostly to help me stay organized.

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