CountryWool Retreats

One of my spring highlights is going to a CountryWool Knitting Retreat in Cape Ann, MA. These retreats are organized and run by Claudia at CountryWool. They are small in size and packed with loads of wonderful knitting tips. I've known Claudia for 5 or 6 years now and have been going to her retreats for the past few years (she also has spinning retreats). 2 piece's of praise for Claudia and then I will move on:
1. I am very critical of knitting patterns. My education and former work was in medical research, where I analyzed data. The reason I have yet to offer one of my patterns for sale is that I am neurotic about making sure all of the little details are mentioned and correct. Claudia's patterns are VERY detailed and clear and I highly recommend them.
2. Claudia is a wonderful teacher. She can take a room full of knitters of all levels and everyone will leave having learned something new.

This coming weekend I am off to my third Cape Ann Knitting Retreat: Reversible sweaters. In 2007 we did Faroe Knitting (remember that cardigan I have almost finished) and in 2006 it was Nordic Knitting. My Nordic sweater is my favorite winter sweater, but it deserves a post all its own, so I'll share that later!

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