Adventures in April

I survived March, but with only half the knitting I hoped to complete. So that makes my April knitting FULL. Here are the goals:

1. HSS3 socks: Hogwarts Sock Swap socks: I need to finish knitting the socks and finish putting together my package before April 15th. I already have a couple of goodies for the package. Finished 4/29/08

2. Mystic Light KAL: Clues are released each Wednesday. I will be very happy if I can keep up with each week (I've already behind...). UPDATE: only finished clue one in April

3. Reversible baby sweater: I will be making (and finishing) this the first weekend in April at Claudia's retreat. Finished

4. Monthly Adventures (Ravelry group): Swapping yarn this month to go with the beads from last month. Soon we will be knitting bags with the beads and yarn we have received! UPDATE: swap mailed and received!

5. and 6. Project of the Month (Ravelry group): I was really hoping this group would be working on a project I could resist this month. Instead, we are doing two projects and I want to knit them both! I'll give the full details later, but the projects are "40 year felted bowl" and a knitted book cover. UPDATE: never even casted on!

7. Loose Knit Group (Ravelry and Yahoo group): We are making bags this month. I am hoping to make a twined knitting MP3 bag using the wrist warmer pattern from my Twined Knitting group (Ravelry and Yahoo group). This would be a gift for one of my girls. (Loose Knit group goal: to knit some presents before the holiday crunch!) UPDATE: yep, maybe next month...

There are other things I would like to add to the list, but the idea here is to make it possible for me to complete everything. So I will not add anything else for this month and will try my best to complete all 7 goals!

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