I'm back

...and finally settling back in. I had a relaxing vacation in a warm and sunny part of the world. And I had some knitting time!

I'll start by sharing my Mystic Light swatch, since the first clue was released just this morning. I originally planned on using Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 for this shawl because that is the yarn the pattern was designed with and I have a few skeins on hand : ). But then I happened upon another lovely yarn, Blue Heron Yarns "Rayon Metallic" and the color screamed "Mystic Light". So I made my swatches (after the first swatch I tried going up a needle size):

I knit the first swatch with US 5/3.75mm needles and the second swatch with US 6/4.25mm needles. Gauge does not matter so much with shawls, but I am way off. Anna (pattern author) had a finished swatch measurement of 11cm wide by 16 cm long. My second, larger swatch measures 7.5cm x 10.3 cm. I have decided that this must be an omen (it couldn't be that I wasn't paying attention...). I am supposed to use the FA Merino 2/6. So I am off to make a third swatch while everyone else gets to start the actual pattern.

PS...do not worry about the now-abandoned Rayon Metallic. I see a nice summer tank in its very near future...

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