Merry May

Is it really May already? April flew by and I didn't get a chance to post so many things I wanted to share. I'll try to catch up this month. But I need to start with this month's knitting list:

In order of priority:
1. SKP: Sock Knitters Pentathlon Sock 2: pattern released today at 7pm. Will I stay up all night knitting? No, but I will probably stay up later than I should. Update: Finally finished on May 13; see post here.

2. Monthly Adventures (Ravelry group): So we've swapped the beads, and then the yarn and fabric, now we wait for the pattern! We will be making a small knit-with-beads bag. I'll post more details when I get the pattern. Update June 1: 90% of the knitting is done, need to make the liner and straps; click this link to follow project (Seaglass bag)...

3. Mystic Light KAL: All of the clues have been released and it's a very pretty pattern. I only finished clue 1 of 5 last month; I would love to complete this in May, but realistically, want to complete clues 2 and 3 at the very least. Update June 1: didn't even touch this in May...

4. Two-end knitting mp3 bag: this project has been waiting patiently for me. I WILL complete it this month at some point.

5. Beaded stitch markers: need to make some for BuzzandFuzz webstore. Update June 1: working on these, hope to have them posted soon!

6. Juliet sweater: I really want to make this sweater for this summer. My minimum goal for May is to check may gauge. Update June 1: can't find the right yarn/gauge, so I think I will need to heavily modify the pattern to work with my yarn/gauge...

7. And as a side note, I took an amazing bead class last week and now NEED to make some bracelets as gifts. I'll share more details later. Update: posted here.

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