New hobby

I try very hard to keep away from things that may interfere with my knitting. For example, there are so many beautiful fabrics available now, but would I even think of learning to quilt? No way, I know I would be too obsessed. And it would take away from my true passion: knitting. This has also been my approach to beads. Besides, I really don't wear much jewelry, so what's the point?

But I do need to make some stitch markers for my website.

And I am a perfectionist who needs to research (and research and research) before I commit (my life-before-kids was in science after all, and research at that).

So I innocently set out to learn to make stitch markers. I have been planning this for months. I make my first trip to a bead shop. I have ordered some beads and all of the necessary supplies. And then a local bead shop has this great deal on a class. Do I think the class really applies to stitch markers? No, but information is always good, so off I go.


I'm in trouble.

OMgosh, beads are SO pretty! And the colors, and shapes, and it's so much quicker than knitting...

I took the class on a Saturday and ordered more beads the following Monday (I NEED to make one for all of my friends/family). I have been holding myself back from making more of these bracelets until I finish up some knitting, but it has not been easy! Here's what I have so far:

This was my first one. You really should click on it to see all of the beads.

And my second...

but I did make some stitch markers (of course I started with my bees):

I have a new hobby...

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