Zum Dirndl WIP

It is hard for me to sit and blog when it's summer and the kids are running around and the garden needs tending. I also have a lot less time to knit, but I make some time. Here's my progress on my Zum Dirndls:

The view from the side:

And a closer look at the front cable:

And last, the heel and back cable, the best photo I could get without a model (my models are sleeping right now...)

I LOVE the pattern. My knitting has gone much quicker now that I switched over to AddiLace needles (there are a lot of twisted knits and cables in this one). If I could find an hour a day to knit, these would be done in no time...

But be warned dear family, I will make time for knitting and ignore my other responsibilities to fulfill my Ravelympic commitments. What's that you ask? More tomorrow...

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