Almost time

The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympic is this Friday night and I can't wait. Really, I want to watch the Olympics, but I am also so excited to start my Ravelympic projects. Here's what I've decided to take on (remember, it is supposed to be a challenge to complete all tasks):

1. I will enter two long-forgotten projects into the Aerial Unwind event: frog those poor unloved projects to reclaim that yarn. And just in time, Knitting Daily blog just did an article on reclaiming yarn from a forgotten project: click here to read. I'll post pictures of the projects before they are "recycled".

2. Thrummed Mobius: this project will be the first I start and will be traveling with me over the weekend. I hope to have it cast on Friday night and finished by Monday night. I've got my yarn all balled up and ready to go--no need to check my gauge as I made one of these before and really, the gauge doesn't matter on this. The Ravelympic event: Short Track Shawls. Here's my yarn:


3. Easy socks: Just a pair of basic socks in self-striping yarn. Event: Sock Hockey

easy sock1

4. Really excited about this. I finally decided to start Juliet, which I would describe as a short sleeve, really big gauge February Lady Sweater. Should be a pretty quick knit. I did make a gauge swatch using 2 strands of Woolganic Worsted held together (color Deep Earth). There are A LOT of comments on this pattern on Ravelry, so I tried to go through most of them and have my plans ready. Event: Sweaterboard Cross. My yarn is Woolganic Worsted in Deep Earth:


That's all folks! If I manage to finish all of the above, I will try to squeeze in a felted cell phone bag for my daughter, but that may be pushing it. It is very difficult for me not to work on any of these projects until Friday night and not because I don't have plenty of other knitting projects going. I have been working on my Chinese Lace Pullover and will post my progress this Thursday since I will not be working on it during the Olympics.

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