2nd sweater on my needles: Chinese Lace Pullover

Chinese Lace Pullover WIP

Been working on this slowly, but really enjoy the pattern. The pattern is "Chinese Lace Pullover" by Angela Hahn/Knititude. The suggested yarn is cotton, but I am making this with Woolganic DK color: Kundalini. I am modifying the pattern to work the top in the round and have just started the first sleeve. I hope to have this finished before the Ravelympics start (9 days and counting) or at least have both sleeves knit and joined to the body, working the collar decreases.

Still trying to decide what to work on during the Olympics. I am thinking a thrum mobius that I need for a gift in March and a quick pair of socks. There is also a shrug KAL on Ravelry that I'm considering. I am not a huge shrug fan, but I love the look of this one (Gordian Shrug). We will be traveling during most of the Olympics, so I need to keep that in mind. I will make my decisions and start gathering supplies this weekend...

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