Beaded loom purse

A non-knitting project I have been working on is a bead loom purse. It is a nice break from my knitting some nights. It took me forever to set up the loom, but once I got started it hasn't been so bad. I have no idea how I will do the finishing work, but I am a long way from there now. I have plenty of books to look through, but I will probably just go to my local beading store and ask for help. After the hours I will have into beading it, I do not want to ruin it in the end! Here's what I have so far:

Can you tell what it is supposed to be? I charted my own design and I will repeat it on both sides of the bag. It is intended to be a small bag for an evening out. Here is a close-up of the design:

I haven't worked on this recently, but I am sure I will begin again on one of the upcoming hot summer nights, when it's just too hot to play with yarn.

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