Less than a week until I start my summer lace project, the Aeolian Shawlette. I think I have everything I need ready to go.

*I have printed and highlighted the pattern.
*I have 2 sizes of lace needles ready (US 4 or US 5) so I can test both if needed with my swatch.
*I have made my Sea Silk into an outside-pull ball. This was a tip I picked up on Ravelry. A lot of people (but not all) have had tangle issues with Sea Silk as a center-pull ball, so to be safe, I have an outside-pull ball.
*I have bought my beads. I also bought some slightly larger-than-recommended beads in case I do not like the way the bobble looks and want to use a bead in place of the bobble. I will test that detail out with my swatch.
* I have my tiny crochet hook to place beads in knitting as per instructions. This is my favorite way to add beads to my knitting (I used this technique for Hanami and Swan Lake stoles).

The last thing I need to finish up before I swatch for Aeolian our my Zum Dirndls. I think I can finish them this weekend, which would make this project 2 years and 2 weeks old...

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