Busy test knitting

I have been busy knitting, but unfortunately I cannot share my work with you. All I can tell you is that I have been test knitting a sock for Yarnissima and I LOVE the design!! I really love all of her patterns, but this one is special. It will be in a future Twist Collective and I will be sure to announce when it is published.

What I can share is that I knit the sock using Casbah Amethyst. This is my first time knitting with Casbah and I can honestly say it has been my favorite sock yarn to knit with (could it be the cashmere??). I really hope it wears as well as it knits because I loved working with this yarn! Here's the pretty yarn I used:

Now I need to finish knitting my May socks, another Yarnissima design: Zum Dirndl. Sock 1 and the toe for sock 2 are complete. This is a knee high sock, so I will be busy.

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