30 Day knitting challenge: Day 7

Day 7:  What is your least favorite piece that you’ve knit?

There are plenty of times I will start a project and then rip it out because I decide I don't like it before I get to completion.  And there are lots of completed projects that I don't like for myself because of the fit, but I am able to hand off to one of my daughters.  If I have to pick a least favorite, I guess it would be my Sea Lace Necklace:
Angela's Sea Lace necklace

I have finished knitting it (thank goodness), but I still haven't made it into a necklace.  I really think it's pretty, but knitting it was a nightmare:  TINY metal needles and beads--not easy.  When I originally started this, I had hoped to make a few of these as gifts.  I have all of the materials, but I just don't think I have the energy!

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