30 Day kntting challenge: Day 4

Day 4: What is currently on your needles?

I have lots of projects going at any given time.  You need different projects for different moods and situations!  There are the projects that are very portable and I bring in the car with me, projects that are easy, but too big to transport, projects that require uninterrupted time (like lace), sit-in-front-of-the tv-projects, etc.

The "On my needles" widget on the right side of the blog is almost everything I am actively working on, but here's a summary:

1.  Baby doll cover up:  So close to done!  The body is totally complete, and so is the i-cord tie (over 4 feet long).  Just working on the sleeves.  The first sleeve I did was too short, so I have started again.  This will be done soon:
Baby doll cover up

2.  Appledore:  I love this project (and the pattern was free), but I can only work with cabled-cotton for so long.  I have completed both sleeves and the back and now I am working on the first half of the front.  I try to do at least a couple of rows each evening:

3.  My last active project is not posted on the widget because it is a new design I am working on but it's not quite ready to be revealed yet.  Here's a hint:  it's cashmere and goes around you neck...

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