Mora Men's Mittens

So when I need a little 'mindless' knitting and am not working on MS3, here's what I've been up to:

I am knitting a pair of twined mittens using a traditional Z-twist yarn (Mora). I am making these for Eric, my DH, who has very large hands. Although I am not loving the pattern I've designed, I think these will be really nice-fitting, warm mittens. I tried to put a discreet heart on the palm-side cuff (circled above). It may be too discreet--I'm not sure it's visible at all. I suppose it will do though; these are supposed to be 'manly' mittens.

The Mora yarn is a little rough, but I'm hoping that with Z-twist yarn and twined knitting, the finished, soaked, and blocked item will be soft to the touch.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your site!
It's hard to find people doing twined knitting. I like the start of your mitten.
Also, I am really looking forward to your analysis of the Black Water Abbey yarn. I had found out it was Z ply yarn, but hadn't ordered any yet.
I did order Anne-Maj Ling's book from Schoolhouse Press. I really want to try some of her patterns.
I am looking very forward to watching your progress on those mittens!

Angela said...

It is hard to find twined knitting out there. I plan on working a couple of pairs of mittens and a vest over this winter--we'll see how they come out!