Joyous June!

Happy June!

The weather is warming up here in Maine and the gardens are blooming. I have been spending a lot of time out in the gardens and hope to post some pictures soon. In the meantime, here's where I stand for my June knitting (click here to see how I did with my May goals...):

1. Zum Dirndl Test Knit: this was an unexpected project that threw my May knitting goals off. Details are here. Basically, I need to complete my first knee high before the end of the month. I will post pictures of my progress this week.

2. Stretchy summer anklets: my traveling knitting project right now is a pair of anklets knit with Fixation yarn by Cascade. I will post pictures of my progress tomorrow.

3. Not knitting related, but I need to finish 4 beaded bracelets this month.

4. Monthly Adventures (Ravelry group): Almost finished with the Seaglass bag. I will finish it this month and put it away in the Christmas gift box... I am not joining in this month's lace knitting swap because I still have not complete my Mystic Light Shawl (which I won't have time to work on until July).

5. Juliet sweater: As I mentioned in May, I am not happy with the gauge/yarn this pattern calls for, so I hope to make a swatch this month and rewrite the pattern according to my gauge...

6. Beaded stitch markers: need to make some for BuzzandFuzz webstore.

That should be plenty for June!

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